Sustainable Development

Sensitive about the environment, we strive to reduce our ecological impact as much as possible, through simple actions, through the use of natural products and by favoring short circuits and “local” food.

For heating the building, in addition to the oil boiler, electricity is used as well as 2 pellet stoves. They make it possible to limit fuel or electricity consumption thanks to this renewable resource. The heat released is also soft and pleasant to experience.

So-called “eco” shower heads help reduce water consumption while showering.

For watering the garden, we use a rainwater collector (1500L). A watering network is thus available throughout the garden.

We use low-consumption LED bulbs throughout the house (except for lighting the sauna, jacuzzi and bathroom mirrors in the bedrooms).

Waste sorting is carried out. Specific bags are available at the lounge bar.

Compost is used for organic waste. This substrate is used in the garden for planting vegetables in particular.

We mainly use white vinegar (natural and organic product) for cleaning the house (floors, windows, bathrooms, etc.).
We do not use any fertilizers or chemicals in the garden.
For hygiene reasons, regulations require us to use bromine or chlorine to treat the water in the swimming pool and jacuzzi.

We favor, personally as for the Table d’hôtes, local and seasonal products as well as short circuits. We source our supplies from several farmers or small producers in the valley (lamb, cheese, cold meats, fruits and vegetables, honey, beer). We choose organic products when possible as well as fruits and vegetables from the garden. “Homemade” jams and compotes are served for breakfast or meals.

La Coustille is labeled “ESPRIT PARC”
The nearby Ecrins National Park offers an exceptional environment thanks to the nature protection measures put in place there.

The village of St-Léger-les-Mélèzes is part of the pre-park zone, adhering to these measures.

Esprit parc national”, the collective brand of the national parks of France, is designed to support and promote tourist economic activities which are part of the respect and promotion of local heritage.

It values ​​the men and women who, within national parks, share with you their passion for their territory, know-how and nature. The attribution of the brand certifies that these products and services are part of an ecological process which preserves biodiversity.

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La Coustille – Guest House & Bed and Breakfast
15, Impasse de la Coustille
05260 Saint-Léger-les-Mélèzes
Tel :+33 (0)4 92 50 76 74

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TVA : FR51 918 629 395

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